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Running in the Banco Forest (Abidjan)


Hi all,

Yesterday I went running in the Foret du Banco. It’s amazing! It’s a real tropical forest. The air is so good and it’s much cooler than in the city. I entered the forest from the south between Youpougon and Adjame. I ran for two hours and saw only one other person. You don’t hear any cars or city noise. I love running in the forest, and I will try to go on most weekends.

This being said, I would be more comfortable to have a running mate because it’s less boring and also safer (if you are alone and have an injury in this forest, it would take some time until somebody found you). Anyone interested in slow Protected content runs on Sundays? I will travel the next three weeks, but I will go for the next run on 17th February. Please get in touch if you want to join.



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