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Socialization options for very young kids (Abidjan)

Hello, don't know really if this is a question or an answer or just town talk... Anyways...

If you have a small kid, like we have, you may have found that Abidjan is not exactly rich in places where kids under 3 years can easily socialize with others of their age. We have a daughter 17 months old, but the only kids she meets and interacts in the streets within the neighborhood are local kids much older than she is, like 4 and above, and with no parents or nannies around to "moderate" behaviors. This is not per se a bad thing, since it can be still formative in some ways, but it's just not the only kind of "social" interaction I want to provide her.

So, I was wondering whether there are expat parents out there with kids between 1 and 3 year old who also feel they lack socialization options for their kids and would like to organize some get-togethers on weekends, maybe taking turn offering to this young public our respective houses' gardens, or meeting somewhere like the International Club or the beach. A complementary option would be to have one working day a week where they can meet and play supervised by the nannies (and no-working parents if the case). These options may be not mutually exclusive, but surely the second one might be more regular than meeting on weekends as parents plans may differ.

We, for one, would be happy to "open" our garden for these types of gatherings. Probably the ideal size of such a kids' group may be 8 to 10 max., but for weekends trips we can have larger gatherings.

Well, just putting this idea on the table, those interested please contact me directly at my email Protected content .


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