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weekend football?!! (Abidjan)

Hello Abidjan Community,
I'm relatively new in town,and I am wondering if any of you playing football at weekends or whether you are willing to do so!
I play on Saturdays with a bunch of African lads at football field of "le Collège Notre Dame d'Afrique"in Biétry.
It's great fun playing on the lush green pitch by the lagoon but the only minus is that there are too many players,and each player gets 20minutes of game on average.
So I'd be glad to know if there are other possibilities or even if we could organise our own expat football team.
We may even get lucky to be coached by a pro-trainer from UK who happens to be a member of internations/Abidjan.
Looking forward to hear back from all football enthusiasts!
Bon WE

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