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Abuja InterNations Events

Hello Everyone,

I want to throw this out there for your comments, reactions, insights, ideas, opinions, etc.

There's been a worrisome trend within the Abuja InterNations Community and I want to involve everyone in getting to the root of the matter.

1. People don't/hardly attend events organised by Consuls/Ambassadors
2. People click on "I'll attend" and then neither bother to show up nor cancel their attendance prior to the event.

Those 2 points are big morale downers to Consuls/Ambassadors. Sometimes quite a lot of effort goes into planing these events. Furthermore we need to remember the very reason why we InterNations exist and why we sign up to be here. No need being a community if we just gonna be active only on this website.

So what seems to be the problem? any thoughts?

are the events not good enough?
is there something in particular people would rather have or want to see?
not the right crop of crowd you were hoping for?
Traffic issues?
Security Issues?
you prefer day events to night events or vice versa...

Also why do you think people rsvp with "I'll Attend" and then don't bother to show up or cancel? I've attended an event that 30 people rsvp'ed to be there only for 6 people to show up for the entire duration!!!

I'll love to hear your comments :)

Thank you.

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