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Hey guys. We've been playing football (soccer) every Sunday for a few months on Sundays and it's gotten quite fun. Let us know if you're interested in joining, we could always use a few extra players. Also, we heard about an Asian group that plays at the same field on Sundays and we've been talking about setting up a proper match against them. If you are in that group or know someone else who is, please let me know. If not, if there are any other groups interested in playing against us, please let me know. We play full pitch, 11 on 11 with roll-on subs. Usually no referee, just common judgement and we usually take a few breaks. We could get a referree if that is necissary. No one is spectacular, so don't shy away! We're a nice mixed crowd of different races, ages and even genders occasionally.... :) Contact me for more information please.

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