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Domestic Animal Owners - Beware! (Accra)

Just want to share the Events of LIZZIE, death.

Lizzie was a sweet 3 years old female Ginger Tabby. Less than 4 kilos, but long/full hair so she appeared to be fat. Lizzie traveled with us from Cape Town, Kampala and most recently London. Never any problems adjusting to traveling and new environments.

Lizzie was killed. We were told the neighbors guard dogs attacked her. That wasn't true. She was wet and bloated. Not one shread of skin torn nor any patches of hair missing, no blood, no signs of struggle.

The neighbors night guard lied. He was actually preparing a fire to roast her, but my gardener arrived just in time to bring her body home.

We were warned this could happen. I didn't want to believe it. I was more afraid of the dogs next door, but Lizzie climbs and run faster.

Two weeks has passed. I was reminded today of how much I miss her - and how I could have rescued her - if only - I had been listening to her call - just a few feet away from the patio door. I would have climbed the walls to get her.

The worse part, he knew it was our cat, the new neighbors cat.

I truly loved our new posting here in Ghana BUT this has changed my entire feeling of ever being happy here in Ghana.

Please, be beware. Some Ghanaian's eat cats.

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