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Please Help! (Accra)


In regards to moving to Ghana, upon my research it seems that you cannot get a residence permit unless you have lived there for 5 years or more (please correct me if I am wrong). So does that mean I would have to make attempts at getting a year Visa after my original 3 month tourist visa expires, and then renew every year until I'm able to get claim to residency? Also, it seems as though they really only want those to move there that are on business. My reasons for moving there are more on a spiritual path. I really want to invest in land to grow crops and build my own home. If im not going to come to Accra with a job immediately lined up, will they not allow me to stay? And one last thing, they say that you must have a return flight verification for the visa, but if I don't plan on leaving due to attempts at making arrangements to stay, how do I go about that? I know, so many questions, but this internet search situation hasn't been quite giving me the information I've been looking for! Thank you in advance for any answers you my have available. :)

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