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Police Road Blocks (Accra)


It seems to be the time of year for the local police to obtain their Xmas bonus from the passing motoritsts..

Last night having first passed a road block with just a friendly wave and smile and I'm on my way, I repeated the procedure with the 2nd road block 10 minutes later, although this time , I was accused of not stopping and acknowledging him .!! And that we (obrunis) dont treat them with respect.. So he needed a little gift.. so rather than arguing the toss and spending even longer on my journey a few cedis and I'm on my way.. But with a bitter taste of the local police.. This is not the first instance, but seems more freequent.

What are other people 's experience, any tips to ease your way through or just grin and bare it..

I do feel like I'm a mobile ATM whenever I get into my car here.

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