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small van for school and volunteer transport (Accra)

Dear Expatriate Community in Ghana,
I am asking if anyone knows how I can purchase a reliable used older van, automatic transmission for my daughter to use in Ghana on behalf of the Akaa Project, an NGO working to improve opportunity for families in the Yilo Krobo district of the Eastern region. My daughter has been in Ghana numerous times, has an international driver's license and is familiar with navigating Ghana. However, as a small NGO, we don't have the funds for a pricey van.. We do have volunteers at times coming from the US to work on the project.
Does anyone know if vans are donated by any organizations to Ghana for use by NGO's?
I see posts on registered versus unregistered vehicles... is it a big process for registering one?
I am very aware of the need to use caution in avoiding scams and those with corrupt/illegal intentions who may be selling vehicles.
Is it best to work with a used car dealer?
Our work is for humanitarian purposes while we work on health care and educational initiatives.
Many thanks for reading my note!
Best regards,
Mary Grimanis
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Coordinator of Health care, The Akaa Project, Ghana

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