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Badminton Basics for Beginners with Sarina Kohlfürst (1st App.)

Hosted by the Consul of the Vienna Badminton Group
Sports & Leisure
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Took place 2 months ago
Sun 12 Nov 11:00 - 13:00

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Hi InterNations Badminton Game New Entry!

Are you a beginner in learning how to play badminton?
Or do you already know how to play badminton but want to improve your skills?
If YES is your answer, then this training will provide you with all the badminton information you need to achieve your goals.
If you want to play badminton for recreation or leisure, this appointment is for You!
Sarina Kohlfürst (Profi Badminton Player and Trainer at University Sport Institute of Vienna) will give you information on badminton basics, you need!
It is easy to become a good badminton player!

What is the secret?

There are NO SECRETS. However you must have proper knowledge on how to play badminton and train… train… train…!
It’s true, you do not need to learn the best and latest “pro techniques” to play well.

All you need is to know how to play correctly and then train your badminton basics CORRECTLY.

Trust me! You will be THE winner when you master some very BASIC badminton techniques.

Sarina will train you once a month!

And then...Play...Play...Play!

What are we going to learn about?

---Basic Badminton RULES---

1. How to Play Badminton?
In very simple terms…
A rally starts with a serve.
A rally ends when:
--the shuttle touches the ground or get caught by the net;
--someone commits a fault.
2. Badminton Court Size and Measurement.
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3. Who serves at ‘Love All’?
4. In/Out Boundaries (Singles and Doubles)
5. Serving and Receiving – Where to Stand?
6. Badminton Scoring System – 21 Points
7. Badminton Fouls or Fault
8. Badminton Rules for Doubles

---Badminton Basics For BEGINNERS (or Intermediate too ;- Protected content
As a beginner, you should learn the basics BEFORE learning how to hit badminton shots.

1.Basic Gripping Technique
2.Basic Footwork
3.Basic Badminton Strokes
4.Badminton Serve
5.Basic Stance

Remember this: In order to become an intermediate or advanced player, you MUST master the basics, make them your habit, then train and train and train.

Once you get your basics right, learning those advanced or fancy badminton shots are just a matter of time!

---Basic Badminton SHOTS---
When you are familiar with the badminton basics, you can start learning some basic badminton shots.
These shots are sufficient for you to win rallies in a beginner’s game.

1. Defensive High CLEAR/LOB
Lobbing is mainly used as a defensive shot. When you’re out of position, hit the high clear/lob to ‘buy’ yourself time to recover. Learn the techniques to execute a badminton clear/lob.
2. DROP Shots
Make sure you have a variation of shots in your games. Drop shots are perfect to variate the pace of the rally.
Rallies are often put away with the smash. It is the most powerful shot in badminton — learn the correct smashing technique… and executing a smash with power will be easy.
4. NET Play
Dominate the front area of the court by having good net playing skills. Learn techniques such as the tumbling net shot, net kill, and net lift.

YOU must provide your own Badminton Game Equipment:
---Badminton RACKET
Use, please, a racket that works to your strengths!
Not the one your favourite badminton player uses! :D


Well, well, well...
Are you satisfied with the level of information?
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you on 12th November, at 11 am,Protected content