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Our Baby Boogie workshop will deliver a variety of engaging and stimulating learning opportunities through the use of music and movement.
Children are naturally interested in music, and music is naturally good for children. Music and movement is a wonderful way to nurture your child’s development in a supportive, flexible and playful environment.
Some of the most important milestones for babies and toddlers center around language, sensory and motor development.

The benefits of combined music and movement
A combined music and movement approach allows you to have fun together while supporting your child to develop confidence as they learn new skills.

Learning together with your child helps to strength your relationship through sharing those ‘light up moments’ when they master a new skill with your support, and means you can repeat the activities at home with confidence.

Benefits of Baby signing & Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language has three types of benefits:

Practical: less fussing and more fun.
Emotional: creates a closer parental bond.
Cognitive: boosts brain development.

Fewer Tantrums and More Fun
When babies can’t communicate constructively they get frustrated, leading to tantrums and meltdowns. We have all experienced the feeling of helplessness when trying to comfort an inconsolable baby, guessing at what they want.

Baby Sign Language lets babies communicate what they want. They can tell you if they want their teddy bear, when they are hungry, if it is too hot, or if their tummy hurts. Families that sign report that both parents and child experience less frustration.

Enjoy a Closer Bond
When you and your baby are able to communicate, it forges a closer bond. When you and your baby can understand each other, it increases the feeling of closeness.

Studies report the emotional benefits of signing, including:

Parents and children that sign report feeling closer and more tuned in to each other
Babies that sign have fewer moments of distress
Parents report feeling better about themselves and more confident about parenting.


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