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buying 4x4 car in Ethiopia or shipping from Europe (Addis Ababa)

Dear all,

My boy friend and are busy with opportunities to work and live in Addis for a while. We would like to have a care there, also to make some trips to the rest of Ethiopia and East Africa during holidays.
We are currently looking at old 4x4 in which you also can sleep. Cars that we lik are for instance: Nissan Patrol 2.8 GR long, Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 or Toyota Landcruiser HDJ80 (HZJ 80).
In Europe (Netherlands) you can find these cars for Protected content Protected content . But then you have to arrange a lot of things: ship the car, import it (or use a carnet de passage?) etc. On Ethiopian websites (e.g. the same type of cars are more than double in price. We wonder if the prices on these websites are representative for the prices of cars in Ethiopia.
What we should do: buy a 'cheap' car in Europe and ship it to Ethiopia or take the risk and hope that we can buy the same type of car in Ethopia for a reasonable price. I hop you can give us some suggestions and tips! Thanks!

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