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Buying Essentials/ Living in Addis Ababa

Good morning!

I will be moving to Addis Ababa for the start of the Protected content year. After spending eleven years in rural China, there are a few questions that no matter who I have asked, I've not quite received responses I am satisfied with. So these questions might seem a little strange, but they are important to me for I will have a better idea of what to pack and send ahead of time. I can live without the cheese and the international food, even without speaking English. But... well here it goes...

Can tampons be easily found in Addis Ababa? If so, which brands?
Are there book shops where I can trade/sell or buy English novels?
How humid does it get in Addis Ababa or is it mainly dry climate? I mean, I know with the high elevation it should be quite dry, but with frequent rain, that is another story.
What kind of toilets do they have? Western or squatters?

Is it still a requirement that if you are entering the country you must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate? I have read that it is no longer mandatory unless you are coming from an area that does have yellow fever.

Are there facilities for swimming? If so, are they up to international standards? (It's a China thing... public pools add so many chemicals that women tend to suffer long after they have been swimming) What about gym facilities? Yoga clubs?

I'm over six foot tall with a size 12/ Protected content foot. Would I be able to find clothes in stores? And if not, do they have tailors who can make clothes if I design them?

If you can offer any other suggestions for what I can bring with me or send beforehand, items that will make life a little easier, please let me know.

You can message here on the Forum, or feel free to email me with advise: Protected content .

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