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Community Arts Festival Saturday, 12.00 - 21.00 (Addis Ababa)

What: CRUCIAL and CAFÉ team up this Saturday for Addis Ababa's first community arts festival. This free, family-friendly all day event will feature live music, DJs, dance groups, a street circus, a wall painting run by a collective of artists and special musical guests.

Refreshments will be sold and the children from the local community will also be able to participate in various arts and dance workshops and competitions.

When: Saturday, Feb. 11 from 12 noon until 9 pm.

Where: The outdoor festival will be held in Yeka Kefle Ketema, Wereda 05. A short walk from the Russian and British Embassies in Kebena.

CAFÉ is a new non-profit organization established in Protected content work on capacity building for the cultural and artistic sectors in Ethiopia. CAFE’s main goal and mission is to provide the necessary tools for Ethiopians to document and express their culture, serve as an arts council, strengthen culture and arts as tools for social development and give direct support to arts and culture as an integrated part of development and poverty reduction.

Building Communities through the Arts (BCA) is CAFÉ’s multi-year demonstration program that leverages new community resources by incorporating the arts and cultural activities into neighborhood development strategies. The BCA program hopes to develop and implement a variety of arts and cultural events in Addis Ababa, including the creation of several murals, the revitalization of neighborhood
plazas, cultural and artistic neighborhood street festivals, and community forums intended to open dialogue and the communications lines across the artistic and cultural community in the city.

CRUCIAL is an Addis Ababa-based not-for-profit mobile party organized by Jonathan Banes and William Davison. The concept is to create a space for creative artists to perform in an open-minded, relaxed and supportive environment, while offering a different type of entertainment to that which exists in the city. In the past 18 months, CRUCIAL has successfully organized parties across Addis Ababa in a variety of unique outdoor and indoor spaces, attracting locals, internationals, the young and old.

CRUCIAL present DJs playing a wide variety of music (Amharic, reggae, dance, ragga, etc) over a highspecification sound-system accompanied by live performers. These regularly include the Fekat Circus, BBoyz breakdancers, renowned percussionist Teferi, Mesale and his mystic krar and local MCs.

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