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Exodus Festival March 15th-17th at the Alliance (Addis Ababa)

Exodus !
History, Culture and Music of Rastafarians in Ethiopia

The second edition of a three days event
at the Alliance éthio-française in Addis Ababa
March 15th, 16th & 17th, Protected content

During the three days:
Installation « Africa awaits its Creator »
Exhibitions « Ras Hailu’s Banana Art & Ethiopian Artefacts Museum »
« Pilgrimage to Ejersa Goro, July Protected content
Arts & Crafts & Rastafari Productions Fair

Thursday March 15th, Protected content
4:30pm Official opening with Drums of Rastafari
5:00pm Film « Marcus Garvey. A Giant of Black Politics » Protected content
6:00pm Lecture by Dr . Giulia Bonacci (CFEE/IRD) « The Universal Ethiopian Anthem: a Musical and a ‘National’
Heritage »
7:00pm Lecture by Prof. Abiyi Ford (IAS / AAU) « Bridging the Atlantic Divide: Ethiopia in the Liberation Discourse
of Afro-Caribbeans and African Americans ».
8:30pm Drums of Rastafari
Friday March 16th, Protected content
4:30pm Film « The Journey of the Lion » Protected content
6:00pm Lecture by Sir Hilary Beckles (UWI) « Europe’s Black Debt: Reparations Owed for Slavery »
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7:30pm Reggae Concert featuring Ras Kawintseb, and Ras Yohannes with backing band Natural Groove @
Goethe Institut

Saturday March 17th, Protected content
1:30pm Film « Roots, Rock, Reggae. Inside the Jamaican Music Scene » Protected content
2:30pm Panel discussion « The Voice of the Elders »
4:30pm Drums of Rastafari
5 – 11pm Reggae Concert featuring Sydney Salmon & Imperial Majestic Band, Teddy Dan, Chakula & Goldilocks,
Ebony with backing band Natural Groove @ Alliance
7:00pm Buffet Ital (RALCO)

Addis Ababa Forum

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