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Initiative (Addis Ababa)

Hey guys & the ambassador of Internation Addis,

I'm sorry to say but it's very strange here, I mean on Internations. People hardly reply of queries, they hardly meet or gather, they hardly know each other, whereas as per my knowledge, Internations is a platform for the expats so they can do the networking, they can meet, have chat and help each other if needed.

May be my expectations are too much as I'm coming from cities like Lagos or Mumbai, where Internations is much organised and active. I thought it would be the same way here, but unfortunately it's not.

Let me take this initiative, what about meeting on this weekend, i.e. saturday or sunday, whatever is convenient, to a place which is in reach of most of the us and let's have some chat over drinks or coffee and get in to active mode. I mean 90% of my frds in Nigeria are from Internations, I'm looking forward in Addis too. Let's meet.

Shekhar Sharma.

Addis Ababa Forum