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Moving to AA (Addis Ababa)

Dear all,

I might be moving to AA in a few months. I have been there before, but there are still some questions that I have and I would be very grateful for your advice:

- what is the best way to find a house/apartment? Can you recommend any websites or real estate agents?
- are most houses/apartments that are available furnished, semi-furnished or not furnished?
- will it be possible to get internet access in ones house/apartment or is that rather limited to internet cafes?
- can one still use Skype?
- will it be worth to bring a navigation system (to be used in ones car)?
- I might have to stay in a hotel/guest house until I find proper accomodation. Can anyone recommend some place where I can find a (single) room, small apartment somewhere not too far away from the city center (preferably around Chad Street, Sao Thome and Principe Street, Dej. Baltcha Afa Nefso Street) that is clean, bright, with an en-suite bathroom, preferably has a hot shower and if possible even some kind of heating (a kitchenett would be good, but rather a nice-to-have).


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