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Moving to Addis Ababa need general Info

Hi All,

My husband and I will be moving to Addis hopefully in four months and since I have not been to the city other then to overnight several years ago I have many questions I would love to get answered by other expats living there. I am in my 50's a stay at home wife and a pet lover.
I would first like to know if there is a site that I can look at which would list (honestly) safe and unsafe neighbourhoods to live. I should mention at this point I have lived in several countries and all have areas that are safer for expats then others and this is just the way it is. I know in Vancouver, Canada or in Perth, Australia for example there are areas that are safer then others and the people to tell you this are the people living their so I in no way mean any disrespect to anyone.
My next question is ease of buying groceries, cloths, shoes. Also household items. I am a large lady so at present living in Mayalsia I either get most of my cloths when I go to either Cananda or Austalia or sew them.
Also with most houses are pools commen or is this something that is a speciality item when you go to look at rental houses as well do most places take pets as I have two cats which will be accompanying us.
Hospital/Doctor care in Addis. Are they up to western standards and are they monitored.
I have been reading several sites but lots of questions or answers are more then two years old and I do know that major advances can take place in that time.
I would love to corresponde with ladies who are currently living in Addis as I have loads of questions better asked in email. I,will also correspond with males but some questions will need to be answered by a female. Thanks in advance for any help in regards to theses questions.

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