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need help for keepinf my daughter Naliah (Addis Ababa)

Dear Community,

My name is Edilene and I will be deployed in Djibouti in October. At the last minute Brussels changed its mind and I am not allowed anymore to take my daughter with me for the time being. I was informed yesterday 09/27 and was devastated. Today after thinking through, I came up with this solution. Since I found a very nice family in Djibouti through this website, I am hoping to find the same here.

My daughter is 22 months and is called Naliah.

What I would need: A nice family who would be able to keep Naliah for a month or 2, Of course all the costs related to my daughter would be at my expense.

We should arrive on the 10/09 and I should stay a few days to arrange everything about her. I should be leaving to Djibouti on Saturday 10/13

Please it is pretty urgent, any advice, suggestion is welcomed.

Thank you

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