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Moving to Alexandria, some insight please??


Hello all,

I'll be moving to Alex with my better half in late August to start teaching in September. Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me some insight and answer a few questions :) ??

First off, is it safe? I know you read all the things in the news, but it's not always a true reflection. I live in Moscow for example and I'm sure many of you wouldn't even think of going there. It's absolutely fine for the most part, of course you can find trouble like anywhere if you go looking.

Hostile towards westerners/ Canadians/ British?? I know the Egyptians are usually some of the most hospitable people.

I don't know much Arabic , but will be getting a crah course from an Egyptian friend here who got us our jobs before we go.

Is there any expat football teams to get involved in or football leagues?? If it's not just an expat league so be it, I know football is their number one sport and I want to play!

Good bars/restaurants?

Cost of living?

Is private tutoring common for teachers?

Anyways, thanks for reading, any insight or answers are very much appreciated !


Dan :)

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