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Family with no French + 3yo little girl in Algiers

Hi All,

My husband was offered a job in Algiers and we might move there. I have a feeling that he'll be super-busy at work so I'm going to be alone most of the time with our 3-yo daughter. My hubby is South African, I'm Hungarian. We both speak languages but none of them is French. Bummer :(

What should I expect? Am I going to be alright with my day-to-day things like shopping etc. especially alone? I mean are women ok to go about their business alone? Do we have to wear hijab or whatever when out and about? Am I allowed to carry on as usual in Europe?

Are there any schools that offer French lessons for foreigners?

My main concern is obviously our little one... what can you do there with a 3-yo little girl? Any nice parks, playgrounds to hang out? What are the possibilities of her getting into kindergarten/school? She's bilingual, English and Hungarian, perhaps we could get her to a French school?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We've done some time in Nigeria before and it was really awful with her having to put up with all the power outages, being locked up in the compound, lack of safety etc.

I'm guessing the north of Africa is waaay more civilized than West-Africa but I'm just a little concerned because of the recent events and the unrest in the neighbouring countries.

Thanks very much for your help and hope to hear some advice soon :)

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