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Be cautious (Almaty)

Dear community members,

You might have received a message from a certain Mercy Martin's / Angela Maxwel. ( Protected content )

I don't trust that this is an actual person, as the profile was created yesterday (08/12/ Protected content the profile photo appears on the internet since Protected content
( Protected content )

It also makes no sense that I, and possibly others, are being contacted from the UK with a request for help, by e-mail.

Having seen, but never fallen for it, many scam-tactics over the years, I think this might be one.

To make it clear, this is my intuition, my hunch. I could be wrong and it would be horribly embarrassing if I am.
Anyway, I have already reported this profile to be checked out by the Quality Assurance Team of InterNations as they are the authority on this matter. It is up to them to make a decision

Kind regards,

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