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Eco-tourism at Lake Alakol in Lodge Polevoi Stan (Almaty)

Lake Alakol Protected content from Almaty city) - Holiday at Lodge Polevoi Stan

It is known that many years ago past water “cups” named Alakol the Great Silk Road passed over. The camelcade of that time could not refuse to stop for drink and washing in the waters of the Lake and they noticed that the salty waves restored the power and strengthened health. The skin callus on the legs, the wounds on the body cured easily. Those who suffered from lumbosacral radiculitis forgot about their backaches and even they stop to quarrel and ague. The modern medical research confirm the medical effect of the Lake water. The sea breeze of the Lake Alakol together with hot and dry smell of the steppe air, have favorable effect to the surroundings.
As archeologists note this unique place is marked on the map of Kazakhstan as “Silk Road for birds. Birds usually stay here to have rest flying from the North to the South. There is a real paradise for them there. From Protected content of birds 38 are listed in the Red book of the International Unity of Wildlife conservation. Ancient seagull, European white pelican, Dalmatian pelican, egret, spoon-bill, black stork, whooper swan. There are also Iliy marinka in the waters of the Lake.
The remoteness from cities and the severity of the climate kept the Lake and its fauna from tourists. There are a lot of people there now during summer period. But the disturbed “eco capsule” can cause many troubles. That is the reason why Kazakhstan, getting Independence, seriously worries about ecology. The Parliament of Kazakhstan ratified the Convention of biological variety and confirmed the strength to save the unique natural resources. The real step over the realization of these documents became the creating of Alakol State Reservation in Protected content .

Therefore, Lodge Polevoi Stan,

one of the lake's Alakol best eco accommodation options, provides a unique experience of beauty all in a relaxing natural setting. Set on Protected content of absolute lake frontage and located in the centre of the Akshi village, Lodge Polevoei Stan is the ideal accommodation location for a water sport holiday or a relaxing camping trip.


From villas to camping sites our Lodge Polevoi Stan accommodation deals can’t be matched
Our Lodge deals start at $10 per night, and range from $30 ensuite cabins to powered aircondisioners and unpowered camping sites. This Lodge Polevoi Stan ccommodation really has something for everyone.

Facilities include:
Free kids play ground
Cozy Cafe-bar with cocktail bar
Swimming pool
BBQ areas
Camping Area

Additional service:
Sauna up 6 people
Excusions (Dzhungar Alatau and lake Zhanashkol)
Transport round trip from Almaty: adult: Protected content kids: Protected content

Please be advised that the nearest supermarket is at Akshi village (2,5 km), so come prepared before you arrive at the lodge park.
Accommodation in the heart of the Lake Alkali area, Lodge Polevoi Stan is part of the magnificent Dzhungar Alatau National Park, one of Kazakhstan's most unique and significant eco-systems. Thanks to this unique environment, there are a large range of activities and attractions on offer close to our Lodge accommodation – from bush walking and fishing to cruising the vast expanse of Lake Alakol.

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