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Housing prices! (Almaty)

Hi there folks, my first post on the forum so please be kind to me! ;-)

I am moving with my wife and our two sons (4 & Protected content Almaty within the next month. We are currently looking at many properties that are being suggested to us on the net (we did view 3 very differen't places very briefly while in Almaty a number of weeks ago too) - my question... there seems to be very little difference in price between places that look pretty, well... grim and places that look really nice!

Now, I know the easy answer you may be shouting at your screens currently is... well just rent a place that looks 'really nice' if money isn't the obstacle. What I want to know is, whats the reason for this? There must be one. Is it location? Is it old/new building? Is it security? Good area/bad area? Whats the variable seeing as price doesn't seem to be or isn't it?

Thank you in advance for your help.

John & Mags.

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