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Living in KZ (Almaty)

Mr.Nerlekar, Life in Kazakhstan is as secure as in any city around the fact I would think-more secure. People are nice. Facilities are reasonable. In Almaty, where we live, its a city way greener than most large cities of India. In certain areas of this city, it feels like you are living in a hill station. You may have fewer things to entertain you. But if you look forward to gong to the mountains, picnicking with a group you build, winter sports in snowtime-its fine.There are plenty of supermarkets in Almaty. There is even a vendor who brings in & sells Indian groceries. Amazing varieties of fruits in summer.Plenty of restaurants, reasonable vegetarian options. We haven't faced any racism here. Of course, in bazaars, where you are seen as expats, they are going to try to charge you more for things, but then, that can happen anywhere and not just here. If one learns russian, one can bargain and manage. I know Indians here who have felt pretty secure when their daughters have been out in the city with friends. Public transport, i.e buses are good. You have what are called Gypsy taxis - any common car will stop to pick & drop you - for a charge, which you negotiate on the spot with them. Of course, in remote, deserted areas, one ought not to go when it is dark or when u are alone. In one such remote suburb, a friend's car window was broken...but then they had forgotten the handbag in the car and it was visibly lying there, I guess.This too can happen anywhere-more so back home, I think. Cost of living is high, quite costly. International schooling for our children is costlier than in many other bigger international cities.

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