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Private movie theater in Almaty


Yes, there are English movies shown in theater now in Almaty but...

I've been around in Almaty for ages. 10 years ago there used to be one English show in Искра every week. I'm very positive that it was relieve for many people but definitely it wasn't always at the best time and after workload started to pressure I missed it more times in month that I made it. I'm sure it hasn't changed..

Now there's another option. I was yesterday in PrimePlaza and found place called Next ( in second floor.They have a projector and place for 25 people. Bar sells beer and refreshments. I think this is a good place to be, upstairs 'real' theater has some popcorn too!

Let's organize an evening there! Please report here who's interested and negotiate a day when we should reserve the space. I think 25 is a small group so we can actually go for special groups (action, horror, scandinavian, etc).. They play blu-ray and DVD... size of screen is I think something like Protected content wide and 3 meters high.

Suggestions for first evening and when could it happen?

ps. posting this to facebook Almaty group too!

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