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Reader/Recorder Needed for TOEFL in Almaty

I work for Wohl Communication Services, Inc. - a disabilities accommodation service located in the Washington, DC (USA) metro area. We need a Reader/Recorder with English as the primary language to assist a candidate taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) in Almaty on Saturday, May 28 at a testing center at Prospect Siefullin. Arrival time 9am - Ending time 5:30pm. Payrate: $20 US per hour with no taxes deducted. Please email your resume or a brief profile to me at Protected content . There's a very close deadline: Tues May 17 so would appreciate your quickest response. Full details will be provided via email to the qualified Reader/Recorder - will need approximately 30 minutes prior to exam date for training by telephone from our home office.

I happy to answer questions regarding this assignment.

Thank you,
Joyce Smith
Program Coordinator

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