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6-month work visa extension (Amman)


My visa is running out and I hope someone can help me out here. I've been working and living in Amman for 6 months now, entered the country on a 6-month work visa issued by the Jordanian Embassy in Berlin, and left and re-entered Jordan about once every month.

However due to some issues with the setup of the organisation I work for I do not have a work permit or residency yet, the application for that was delayed and will be submitted to the ministry of interior mid March.

Now I'm wondering if I can just extend my 6-month work visa, similar to a 30-day tourist visa, at the police station, or if I have to leave the country (which I will be doing anyways for a week), and re-enter on a 30-day tourist visa on arrival? And if I chose the latter option, can I be honest and say I intend to work on that visa and that my work permit is in process?

Thanks for your help, really appreciate!

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