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Buying a Car in Amman - Worth it?

Hi everyone,

I just moved to Amman with my wife from the Netherlands for 1 yr. In the process of applying for residency. I will not be duty exempt and will have to purchase a car with FULL taxes paid.

I have a few questions and hoping someone who already went through the process could help me on any of the below questions.

My understanding is that I cannot purchase a car over 5 yrs old, so limited to Protected content newer with car with full tax paid. My questions are:

1 - once I have found a car (either private or trade) what is the best way to determine market value for vehicle and how much to haggle with current seller (i.e Protected content % off asking price). In the UK they have an online tool that can calculate market value based on age, mileage etc.

2 - what are the next steps for officially signing a car into my name ( should I go with the current owner to a specific office in Amman and sign paperwork?). How is payment normally made bank transfer/cash and is this only done after official paperwork signed?

3 - what are my obligations once a car has been signed over, I guess one is insurance/registration fees. But are there any legal annual checks I must make for the car or other taxes?

4.- after 1yr, how easy is it to sell, any recommendations for good practice?

5 - if I am interested in buying a car and then pay full taxes once in my ownership, how can I calculated taxes on my vehicle before purchase (does the government have an online tax car calculation tool).

6 - I have full Dutch license, do I need to switch over to Jordanian, if so what is process?

Thanks in advance


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