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Considering moving to Amman

Hello everyone,

I may have a job opportunity that could see me moving to Amman for an international Company.
As a German currently living and working in Australia I am wondering how life in Amman would be like. Many of the reports are written by someone living there with his family, but I would be moving there by myself.

Being single, 29yo and quite active outside of work (lots of sport, music, socializing) I have a feeling i might be wrong in Amman.
I enjoy being busy with work, but need to be able to be active after work. Here in Perth I regularly go kite surfing, running, camping over weekends, attend music festivals or just meet friends for a night out.
Very aware of Jordan being a fairly conservative country and having spent four weeks on a work site in the desert in Jordan (but no visit to Amman, apart from the airport) I'd like to get some first hand feedback on living there as an social single Expat.

I'd also appreciate if you could give me some information in regards to what a normal salary package would include. I.e. Annual salary for a Project Manager in a oil and gas related industry, are apartment and car normally included (and maybe food allowance). Any tax exemptions like in other Arabic countries?

Thank you in advance for any input.

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