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Cost of Living in Amman


I would like to hear people’s opinions on the cost of living in Amman as compared to their home countries.

Some examples:

I went to a beauty salon at Four Seasons Amman and was surprised to see that my haircut, done by a famous Lebanese stylist, cost me about a third of what I pay in the DC area.

International restaurants, on the other hand, are generally more expensive in Amman compared to the restaurants of the same quality in DC.

Getting a European Au Pair, while possible, will cost you around $4,000 per month in Amman. In the DC area, you shell out about $2,000.

A great falafel sandwich in Amman costs less that a dollar! In the US, you can’t find a decent one at any price!

It would be interesting if people shared their perspectives, especially because Amman ranks among the top most expensive cities in the Middle East to live in as an expat.

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