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Fancy a beach here around (Amman)

Hi all, this is my first post as well as my first full week in Amman (I went back and forth staying just a couple of days some times before) so don't think I'm crazy* or treat me bad if I'm asking something really stupid. :-)

I finally can spend my first spare time in this area for a couple of days, and actually I would like to spend it in a nice, or decent, seaside place.

So I was thinking about thesd following options:
1) Dead sea ...but I still didn't understand if it's more a SPA than a beach resort;
2) Aqba ....but I still didn't understand if it's worth it travelling for that much time;
3) Tel Aviv ...but I still didn't understand how hassling is crossing the board;
4) Swimming pool of an hotel in Amman I can start visiting Jordan from its capital (maybe joining this friday's community event), then next time I'll be here I'll go for another option.

Any particular point of view from your side?
Thanks a lot in advance!

*) well, anyway I'm a little crazy.

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