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Horrible (Amman)

Hi guys...
I posted this behalf of my friend,what happened to her today is sooooooo Unacceptable..She filled the compalin to Cozmo and no respond,why ? it just because she is an Asian (and happen to be mistaken as Filipina,as always) Copy pasted this by her permission.

"I was in your Butchery today 21 Nov Protected content Protected content and I was treated rudely by your staff including being served with a racist remark. I asked him if the Rib Eye steak was from South Africa because I have not seen South African meat in your retail before while the label said so. He replied with a raised voice "Brazilian". I responded that the label should be changed then. Your staff then muttered something in Arabic and ended with “Filipina", turned his back to me and then walked away leaving me at the counter.
I have to say that your staff's treatment to me is unacceptable and totally rude.
I have filled in a complaint form and dropped it off at the box by the cashier. I hope you will implement a better staff training programme befitting a retailer serving a large number of expatriate clients in Amman.
Nobody should be treated this way by your staff. It is insulting!"

Anybody else wanna share experience with Cozmo ?

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