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Land and dignity: Global Week of resistance to colonialism and apartheid Zionist
Program of events
Friday 16.3 Rainbow Theatre

7:00 to 9:00

Treaty of Wadi Araba: Maine Arbak?

Opening on the effectiveness of the Treaty of vehicle: Password Toujan Faisal, Askic satirical street theater for the band, the signing ceremony of a booklet written by Khaled Habashneh

Speakers: Toujan Faisal, Khalid Habashneh, and the street theater group.

Sunday 18.3 Landmark Hotel

7:00 to 9: Protected content

A seminar entitled " to return to Palestine "

Review of the researcher and the Palestinian Salman Abu Sitta work systematically to drop the right of return of Palestinian principles, and mechanisms of activation of the application of this sacred right. And in a seminar with the participation of Horaah international law expert Anis Kassim, who discusses the legal status of Palestinian refugees in the diaspora, especially in light of the so-called entitlement September.

Speakers: d. Salman Abu Sitta, Dr.. Anis Kassim

Monday 19.3 Rainbow Theatre

7:00 to 9:00

Offers a Flam-fiction and documentaries about the Palestinian reality

Tuesday 20.3 Landmark Hotel

7:00 to 9:00

A seminar entitled "The Palestinian Intifada model of popular resistance "

Restores the Palestinian activist Jamal Juma, Chairman of the Popular Campaign Against the Wall and settlement achievements of the Palestinian uprising in entrenching the resistance, and the production of global solidarity movements.

Speaker: Jamal Juma

Wednesday 21.3 Balad Theatre

7:00 to 9: Protected content

A seminar entitled " Laws of racism in the Zionist entity and mechanisms confronted. "

Put activists in the occupied territories of Protected content daily legal difficulties imposed by the laws of racism in the Zionist entity, addressed to the Palestinians there. And review mechanisms to address them.

Speakers: Activists of the land occupied in Protected content

Thursday 22.3 Rainbow Theatre

7:00 to 9: Protected content

The premiere of the movie " Road to Apartheid " Roadmap to Apartheid

Followed by a dialogue about the success of the South African model to resist the policy of apartheid, and the impact of international solidarity movements to the Palestinian reality.

Friday 23.3 Balad Theatre

8:00 to 10:00

Concert for the band "Strawberry" from the occupied Golan

Friday 17.3 7: Protected content Rainbow Theatre

7:00 to 9: Protected content

Wadi Araba Peace Treaty

A Talk by Tujan Faisal, Book signing and releaseof an informational publication by Khaled Habashneh, along with a sketch performed by Masrah Al Share 'and an short animation produced by IAW Amman.

Speakers: Tujan Faisal Khaled Habashneh, Masrah Al Share '

Sunday 18.3 7: Protected content Landmark Hotel

The Right of Return

Palestinian Historian and scholar Salman Abu Setteh and International law expert Anis Al Qasem explore the state of right of return legally, politically and historically.

Speakers: Dr.Salman Abu Setteh, Dr Anis Al Qasem

Monday 19.3 7: Protected content Rainbow Theatre

Palestinian Film Screening

Tuesday 20.3 7: Protected content Al Balad Theaterl

Intifada: Model for Civil Resistance

Palestinian activist Jamal Juma'a recalls the achievements of the first Intifada; Rooting civil resistance and gaining international solidarity.

Speaker: Jamal Juma'a

Wednesday 21.3 7: Protected content Al Balad Theater

Israeli Discrimination laws and ways to combat them

Activists from Occupied Palestine of Protected content about Israeli discrimination laws against Palestinians, and mechanisms of defying them.

Speakers: Activists

Thursday 22.3 7: Protected content Rainbow Theatre

"Roadmap to Apartheid" Film Premiere.

Friday 23.3 8: Protected content Al Balad Theater

Concert: "Toot Ard" band from occupied Golan Heights featuring: El Far3i Protected content

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