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Innovation Cup 2012 (Amman)

Good Morning Amman!!

Some of you might have not checked today's events yet, and for those i do recommend to check it right now.
This event will be such a great opportunity to show our expat community how the environmental green movement is growing in Jordan, along with spreading the knowledge about ecological issues and phenomenons facing the MENA region.

Innovation cup is only one of the Crossing-Borders(Denmark,Jordan,Egypt) partnership activities, which is an event that encourages the Jordanian Youth to participate in the international environmental movement of saving out planet earth, by presenting their innovative ideas that aim to act as solutions to several environmental challenges that face both Jordan and the entire globe. This years focus is on campaigning ideas and the winners are to be granted $ Protected content to *implement * their ideas.

This competition will be judged by governmental officials, will have translation microphones, snacks dinner buffet and possibly a local musical band performing at the end of the event (20: Protected content

I think it would be a stunning chance for our expats to meet more people and explore more JORDAN :) In addition of expanding the InterNations circle's diameter to include more expats in the Amman area. :)

Ehabiddean Jayyusi
Masar - Crossing Borders

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