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Jordan Tax & Customs (Amman)

On 9th July Protected content Jordan, I purchased one pair of classic collection glasses from Order number Protected content .

On 11th July Protected content , I received an email told me it shipped out from United States via DHL eCommerce to my Jordanian address. I was so excited and looking forward to wearing it soon by 25th July Protected content the website says the ETA usually two weeks.

Until 6 August Protected content , I went to the Jordan Post to get my package( البريد الاردني Jordan Post .الادارة الرئيسية - استلام الطرود ومعاينة جمركية via Pr. Hashim St. )by car, petrol cost one way is 3.5JD by car. 12:00am I arrived Jordan Post, they immediately looked my case and gave me a waiting number ‘R19’. I observed around people at customs, most of them are playing with their phones. I waited for about 10 mins, then one staff waved at me to come over to the Customs sector (I thought they going to call out my number, but no hearing that). I am not surprised as in Jordan generally nobody cares about the rules.

After around 10mins, one young man without wear work clothes, took several customers’ packages including mine and opening them roughly in front of one customs officer. The officer then wrote down something on two pages paper. They asked several questions then sent us to next window. Next officer took over the paper, printed another paper through Asycuda system indicates that I must pay JOD42= USD 61 including 30% custom duties, 16% sales tax, 1% customs service fees, stamp fees and clearance fees (see appendix 1). I was very shocked and desperate at that point that I must pay that much more money for almost equal to my glass’s prices after all these bumpy. after several round of negotiations, the customs agreed to reduce the charges from 46JD to 33JD (see appendix 2).

Although, I researched online; the threshold of the customs duties should be levied only when goods beyond JOD100, the price of my glasses is only USD79 = JOD50 plus shipping cost USD18= JOD12.

Jordan Customs is ridiculous and has no rules, they charge what they like and more if you’re not local. I can understand the sales tax to be paid since I am consuming the products inside Jordan. What about import charges and many other unclear fees? The fees they’re charging makes no sense in the end will go to someone’s pocket. Jordan is only surviving on taxes and foreign aid. I suggest everyone especially foreigners live in Jordan be careful with Jordan customs & Jordan Post, because they are the country thefts and worst delivery services you will receive.

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