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New Venue Policy starting February 15th (Amman)

Dear InterNations members in the Amman Community,
dear friends,

As every year at the beginning of a new year we get in contact with the responsible managers of those venues where we used to have our InterNations monthly events.
This is a common practice we have introduced recently in order to share our experiences, to give space for compliments and criticisms and to discuss what is needed to be improved.

The main outcome we received from most of the managers in charge of the location was the very low consumption of food and beverage during our events. A few of our loyal hosts are even refusing to have us with them due to this low consumption during peak times.

It’s pretty obvious and doesn’t need further explanation that the managers are not reserving us a certain space in their venues for the purpose of being nice and gentle to us and supporting the non-profit oriented events of InterNations for free. They expect a minimum of revenues generated by the consumption of beverage, at least. The average of these revenues for almost all of them were to little in order to continue hosting our events in their locations during this year.
Unfortunately we don’t have alternatives such as private locations where we are allowed to organise an official event and serving all kind of beverages.

Finally we agreed on having one drink as a minimum consumption during our events. The vouchers will be sold at the entrance. There will be two prices depending on the type of beverage.
We rely on your comprehension that without a voucher we have to refuse the access to the event.

For the time being, we think we have found a good compromise for all in order to continue with our monthly events. Please feel free to come up with alternative proposals by contacting us directly via e-mail.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our next upcoming events.

Gabriela and Adriano

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