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Playgroup Jordan - for mums and children under 5 (Amman)

I am proud to announce the launch of Playgroup Jordan ****Playgroup Jordan is not a Business, it's not for profit, it's an activity organised by mums for mums and kids under 5***

Play Learn Make friends

Playgroup Jordan welcomes everyone to play, laugh, read, sing, support and enjoy the experience of getting together and fun for the kids

To connect mums and families and bring young children together in a fun healthy simple environment through high quality playgroups.

Create the place for all young children under 5 years old and their mums where children can learn and play and make friends and bring mums together in a simple social setting that is run by mums and that gives them the opportunity to connect with others.

Playgroup set up and principles:
Mums set up and run local playgroups.
Playgroup runs once a week for two hours in an appointed hall for each playgroup
A roster is organized each term assigning playgroup duties to three mums each week who will be responsible to arrive first (15minutes early) prepare for free play time, prepare for morning tea (each mum brings her child's sandwich and one fruit, rostered mums cut the fruit for the children to share) organize crafts for that week, engage the children in a game or read a story after morning tea, clean up after morning tea and at the end of playgroup time, insure that the place is left clean before leaving.

Mums are responsible for the safety of their children and other children during playgroup time

Playgroup values:

we understand that a sense of community plays an important role in the development of children and families sense of connection, belonging and security and we value the strengths that individuals and families contribute to the wellbeing of their community.

The rights of children to play and to live in an environment that is fun and simple

we believe that diversity, including cultural and family diversity, contribute to a rich and lively society and we value and accept the diversity in our community.

we believe that peer support is an integral part of the community playgroup experience allowing participants to share experience, learn from each other and feel connected.

The sense of community that results in participation in a playgroup promotes feelings of belonging and connectedness. This has been shown to have a positive effect on children’s and family mental health.

Free play time: every mum can bring a toy to start with for the kids to play with and share, box of toys can be kept with the mum in charge

A small fee is paid every term to cover the expenses (hiring a hall etc)

Playgroup can be held anywhere that is safe for children and where groups can meet.

An important part of playgroup is having parents and caregivers stay to interact with each other and to play with the children.

Through this Facebook group we can create a network and update you of playgroups days and times

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Playgroup will Start on Thursday 24/11/2016

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