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Registering to an event & don’t attend it???!!! (Amman)


Last evening, at the Bowling night event, only Protected content members showed up & Protected content bother to cancel or whatever!!! Which caused us (the 3 attendees) some embarrassment & inconvenience… The members who didn’t attend are:1-Bilal El Ouri 2-Hazem Taifour 3-Jemma Greyburn 4-Yousef Yaghmoor 5-Nader Mustafa 6-Bassam Alabdallat 7-Jack Alshayeb 8-Rula Buqain.

I still think, like many others think as well, that something should be done towards that PROBLEM!.. We need to have it solved.

LET’S MAKE SOME SUGGESTIONS TOWARD SOLVING IT. For instance I suggested on some other occasion that if a member who registers for events & doesn't show up to 3 times, loses his/hers membership!

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