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Rescued KITTENS for adoption!!- from foster family (Amman)

Dear all

I rescue cats and kittens and I currently have several whom have been rescued, nursed back to health and now want nothing more than a good home.

CacheCache (name can be changed)-- she is a 9 months old female (whose brother is MishMish)- she was rescued when 1.5 months under the rain... She is a shy lady. But when she is in need of cuddles, boy, she will stalk you! Her colorful fur is fantastic : she is a tabby and a tortie at the same time it seems : with patterns such as dots, lines, patches of all colors, brown, orange, white... short hair. She needs a home who is going to be patient at first, because she will be shy and then will open up.

8 wks old kitten !!! (no names yet Protected content found in a parking lot a few weeks back, all white short hair w pink nose, orange face and tail and one orange dot on his back! a cutty who requires your attention constantly-- a lil baby who wants a good family. healthy, happy, adaptable ( raised at my house for the past couple weeks w 4 other cats / kittens of all ages), baby will be the joy of your family :)

MishMish-- rescued when he was 2 weeks, in the middle of the street... we then found CacheCache, his sister a few wks afterwards Protected content , orange and white domestic short hair, w fluffy tail and beautiful brown eyes. The wittiest, naughtiest, smartest cat I've seen ! For sure you won't be bored with him: he plays a lot, loves to cuddle but most of all, loves to discover fun (!) new things to do... One of them is stealing all the sponges I have on my sink. They all disappear one by one :)
MishMish is one of a kind! he is now neutered and ready for a very very loving home.

All these cats and kittens have been raised w/ other cats so they are adaptable and flexible - even if, as all animals, they are shy or hissy at first w/ a new comer cat for instance, they will adapt !

They all require a good home cos have been very well taken care of for weeks / months and raised w my family in our lil Kitty haven. Please serious owners only. I usually now ask for a 20JD adoption fee to cover the costs of weeks/months of care, vet, neutering/shots etc. and to screen future owners.

These kitties are awaiting ! contact me for pics !!

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