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Screening of five German films (Amman)

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Goethe-Institute
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan

In Cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in Jordan
invites you to attend

“Five Decades, Five German Films”
About the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Jordan:
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in Jordan and in cooperation with The Royal Film Commission-Jordan you are cordially invited to five films of five decades, providing an insight into the history of German cinema of the past 50 years. The film series invites you to immerse into a world of different genres and styles, which contains both classic and debut films of German film history.
Subject Screening of five German narrative films produced in five decades and presenting a journey throughout 50 years of German Cinema.
Date: Sunday 11 December to Thursday 15 December Protected content
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan, Jebel Amman, 1st Circle, 5 Omar Bin Al Khattab street.

Sunday 11 December 7 p.m.
“The Redhead”
Helmut Käutner, b/w, 90 min, Drama, German with Arabic subtitles, Protected content .
Following her disappointing marriage and disillusioning secondary romance, Franziska drops both husband and lover to head to Venice, hoping to find a job there and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Each person with whom she comes in contact is also running away from himself or herself.
The film was nominated for the Golden Bear Award in Protected content .

Monday 12 December 7 p.m.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Protected content , Drama, German with Arabic subtitles, Protected content .
A single woman in her early thirties, Martha is a wealthy and totally self-involved woman. Her father passes away during a trip and she reacts in a weird way to this unexpected dramatic event. She marries a stranger who she instantly falls in love with. As soon as they set off on their honeymoon, the power games begin and he tries to “train” his wife. Their wedding is only the beginning of a battle to determine who will get the upper hand.
The film won the Sutherland Trophy on Protected content .

Tuesday 13 December 7 p.m.
“The Grass is Greener Everywhere Else”
Michael Klier, b/w, 74 min, Drama, German with English Subtitles, Protected content .
Poland Protected content is now living in Warsaw with only one dream goal in mind: leaving to America as his native country is not offering him any prospects to stay.
He stops on his way in West Berlin but finds life there to be far less promising than expected, having to deal with odd and sometimes illegal jobs in order to survive. Jerzy meets Eva who shares his American dream.
The film won the Teleplay Award Protected content , German Film Critics Award Protected content , Hessian Film Award Protected content

Wednesday 14 December 7 p.m.
“Run Lola Run”
Tom Tykwer, 81 min, thriller, German with English Subtitles, Protected content .
In this breathtaking, action-packed love story, Lola is a girl who receives a nerve shattering phone call from her longtime boyfriend Manni. Manni’s life is on the thread as he owes a mob 100,000 Marks and doesn’t know what to do. Desperate to save her lover’s life, Lola reassures him that she can get the money to him by noon; otherwise her boyfriend will have to rob a grocery shop in order to save himself, as noon is only 20 minutes ahead…
The film won 26 international awards and was nominated for another 15 awards.

Thursday 15 December 7 p.m.
Hans-Christian Schmid, colour, Protected content , Drama, German with Arabic Subtitles Protected content .
The story of two cities on the Oder river, the German city of Frankfurt and the Polish city of Slubice. The struggle continues between the East and West after the end of the Cold War. The film tells the story of different characters who take desperate measures to get into Germany illegally each to start their own legal and illegal projects.
The film won 14 international awards and was nominated for another 10 awards.

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