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Work permit/visa (Amman)


Hi guys,

Perhaps you're in a better position to tell me about the requirements for obtaining a work permit in Jordan, the closest I have gotten is this so far:

"Around Amman, to get a work permit and then a residency visa for 1 year you need a letter from the company you work for. You then take that to the Ministry of Labour offices in Suweileh, west of Amman, and get the necessary letter to take to the Ministry of Interior. They will conduct a 2 week+ background check, and then give you the appropriate documents to take back to the Ministry of Labour. After going to X numbers of windows, you will have to pay about JD417 to get your work permit. They will issue you with your card and a letter to take to the immigration police station (in Amman, around 8th circle). After handing over all your documentation and application form and photos, you will fork over about JD40, I think from last year, and will get a receipt to return in 3 days to pick up your residency visa and get your passport stamped with the appropriate stamps and signatures. Originally, I came on a tourist visa and was asked to teach English, and eventually found my way to my present job, where I've been for the past 4 years. You have to go through this visa process every year, and it takes about Protected content if you're lucky."

Not sure if anyone can speak to how accurate this is? I assume the amount required has also probably changed.


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