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Looking for a Cat (Ankara)


I'm looking for a companion for my five year old tomcat.
It should be a healthy adult cat used to living indoors (or at least not too outdoorsy). Good character is more important than good looks, although I would prefer a short-haired breed (my cat probably doesn't care).
Male or female doesn't matter, as long as it's a friendly creature that gets along with other cats. I will not take an unfixed female, though, because there's always the risk of getting more than one out of the bargain.

I live in a large apartment in Cankaya, but I do not have a garden. My cat is five years old, patient, friendly and a bit of a coward, but he is used to living with other cats. I've got a lot of experience with cats and I take good care of my pets. They also move with me when I'm reassigned.

If you know of a cat looking for a new home, please contact me via e-mail ( Protected content ) or message.

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