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Rescued street kitten available for adoption =) (Ankara)

We recently rescued four street kittens in Kurtulus neighborhood. We are keeping two and looking for homes/care for the other two.

The first one is a male, about 2 months old, very rambunctious (of course, he's a kitten!) and with beautiful tiger stripe markings. He was given a first set of vaccinations (internal & external parasites and PCH vaccination) on Sept 10th. He's the smarty pants of the litter and a very fast little runner!

The other kitten available is a little bit older - maybe 5 or 6 months old? She is very sick. =( She's basically a big project that may not even survive, but if anyone is interested in giving her a chance, it'd be a relief for me -- my hands are already pretty full with the three other kittens and we can't afford the vet bills (relatively cheap, but we don't have the extra cash). This poor kitty was starving to death (she weighs a mere 1 kg) and appears to have some skeletal deformations that may be hindering her ability to use the bathroom. It's unclear whether this is congenital, due to poor nutrition as a street kitten or broken bones that healed improperly. I'm taking her to the orthopedic department of Ankara University's Diskapi Veteriner Merkezi on Monday for an exam and possibly x-rays to find out more. We were referred there from the Small Animal Clinic of the same veterinary facility. We took her to the small animal clinic yesterday after she had not been able to successfully go to the bathroom for several days. She needed to be cleaned out - it was not pleasant for anyone involved, particularly the cat! They prescribed her 3 mL of oral laxative 2X per day & I've been giving her fluids with a syringe because she is not hydrating properly on her own. Like I said, a very big responsibility!

If anyone is interested in either kitty, let me know!

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