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Working in Ankara and Visa advice

Right here we go...

I am currently doing the Protected content course to enable me to teach in turkey. My long term girlfriend who will be my fiancé (is she says yes in two weeks) lives and works in Ankara and I will be moving there in January.

I have been visiting her every three weeks (doing a lot of overtime and weekends to cover days and not put too much pressure on work in my absence, they have been great).

My question is that I have several offers for employment once qualified but some need working visas etc. A few say they organise that stuff for me when I am there, apparently it is easier that way. I know I can enter for up to 90 days in any Protected content period on visitor visa but was wondering if this is standard practice and safe. I do not want to be deported after the 90 days and not allowed to return. :)

Any help or reassurance would be grand. Accommodation etc is not an issue as I will be moving in with my partner. I wonder if this means I can negotiate more money as well seeing as they wont need to pay for that.

Thanks in advance guys....

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