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Lawyer or police matter? (Antalya)

Hello, my name is Rainer,
Somebody sold in Antalya a apartment for me. Looks like he put some of the money in his pocket.
Does anyone know is this a police matter or do I need a lawyer and a civil lawsuit?
Can somebody recommend me a English or German speaking lawyer? A responsible lawyer with reasonable prices!
Do somebody know how to pay from abroad a penalty in the Antalya city administration? (For selling a apartment under the marketprice approx. 10 €)
At least, I don’t know where in Antalya my father is buried, how is it possible to find that out? (My halfbrother did not tell me that my father died to take the whole heritage).
I already asked all or some of this questions to the Turkish consulate, I wrote to some Turkish lawyers (whiteout answers) and direct to some members of the Antalya community, but I got no answers.
Please if someone of you could give me some answers I would be happy.
Just to be sure, I just looking for this answers and nothing else is intended.
Thank you very much, with best regards from the other end of the world, RKK

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