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Any school teaching english for adult? (Antwerp)

hi there,

i'm new in this forum. i'm coming from taiwan, and going to expatriate at Antwerp in the end of Nov due to my job transfer here for next 3 years. my wife will come with me, and we have no kid.

as i will be occupied all day by my work, i need to find a school/institue for my wife, who will have nothing to do all day long. i don't want to get in trouble when working. so i need to find something for killing her time.

she would like to improve her english skills or to study some courses in english, like designed, fashion, or business for enabling her to find a job after we return back to taiwan. maybe you will ask why not learning french or dutch, which is much helpful to live at Antwerp. but in fact, 5 years ago, i was transferred to Hamburg. my wife did go to language school to learn german for one year. but when we got back after one year, she found german was not useful at all in taiwan and almost forgot everything now. therefore, she decides not to learn the other language this time but only focus on english improvement.

so here is my headache question. is there any school or institue teaching or providing courses in english at Antwerp? i'm looking for a "group" class, not a single tutor.

can anyone help me??

thank you,

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