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considering purchase of Antwerp apartment

from W. Canada with a 5-year plan to live back and forth in Antwerp and rent to FnF (Friends & Family) a condo I would like to purchase. Don't expect anything except to even out on costs/revenue and I will pay the down payment and hopefully get that back when I sell. from a quick look I see that few units you actually buy. Rather you do a life or annuity lease, with the down payment then a rental amount.
What I don't know is
-if any costs with the prior owner are negotiable e.g. the monthly rental, (I assume the utilities and the monthly building fee are not).
-If I can buy and of course easily sell - furnished
-is it ok to rent it to people I know or certainly personally "screen" from Alberta e.g. I will meet and interview them.
-any other ambushes I need to think about?
I like South Antwerp re proximity to Brussels / rail and my favourite place in the world, the Middleheim Museum. Thanks expats for all your help and if you know an Alberta? agent/realtor or one in Antwerp, please send me their contact info. Thanks again, Belgium ex pats!

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