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Zomer Van Antwerp!! The Summer of Antwerp

For those of you that dont know it has been the summer of Antwerp, You may have seen the flags or stages throughout the city, well being my first summer here i was curious, I found I was a bit too late for most of the events as the tickets sold out quickly. However some of the music venues and outdoor films are free and open for public viewing throughout the city. There are also some interesting things setup for public use like the "Sunset viewing seats" and public use BBQ on the Kaai. (Perhaps we can get a group together and put it to use if the sun ever returns? : )

I found the program a bit confusing but if anyone figures it out and suggests something it could be great fun!! Something to discuss Friday?!

This weekend there will aparently be some giants stomping about throughout the city so be careful!! (See pg 3)

We've got one month left and i'm not giving up on a few more sunny days!!

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