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Need Information_Relocating to Ashgabat

Hi All,

I will appreciate if anyone living in Ashgabat could give me information for the questions below. We are a family of 3 and in the process of relocating to Ashgabat within next couple of months. Some things below that I'm interested in might sound funny, but I know a lot of you will understand why I'm asking. I relocated within the region few times already and i know that some things that we are used to in one country - can not find in another.

1. Are there shops in Ashgabat? Good clothing shops for adults? for kids? Zara or Mango? Sport clothing and supplies store? Shoe stores?
2. In supermarkets, do they sell good cleaning supplies? Good detergents for clothes?
3. Are there beauty/nail salons in town?
4. Yoga classes?
5. Do they sell HP printer cartridges anywhere in town?

Thanks in advance.

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